"This site represents my work as a professional musician, my private bass teaching studio, and my work as an Ensemble coach. We offer double bass lessons and electric bass lessons for all levels at several locations around the Boston metro area. All backgrounds and styles are welcome, although Irais specializes in teaching Classical, Latin Jazz & Blues."

Irais Brito Hierrezuelo



“Patience gives you the power to practice.” I use traditional & contemporary teaching methods for Upright & Electric Bass. If someone has obtained proper technique, they can make a journey to different styles in music.

“Music Strengths the mind, spirits & improve communities. It’s fundamental for the well being of youth as well as adults.”


Cancellation/Make up Policies

Lessons MUST be cancelled 24 hours in advance, this is a with the exception of cancellations due to illness or emergencies. In the case of illness or extreme emergencies, you must cancel before the teacher arrives at your house or you will be charged without make up offered.  Cancelled lessons within the 24-hour notice will be charged and not be made up. Permanent cancellation of monthly lessons requires a month notice. Vacations of more than two weeks also require a month notice.



Payments for the entire month are due by the FIFTEEN of the month. You will receive an invoice from us at the end of each month.

Weekly or single lessons are available and can be paid via Paypal, with personal checks or cash. Single lessons must be paid at the time of the lessons. Monthly lessons are packs of 4 lessons paid in advance and have a 10% discount over individuals lessons.


Note:   Students/Parents are responsible for purchasing books and materials.